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Timber is one of the most popular and most sustainable products used in the construction and building industries. Yet poor storage conditions can significantly affect its quality.

Wickens Cantilever Racking Systems are an ideal timber storage solution as they:

  • Reduce timber footprint on site
  • Limit chances of timber getting damaged
  • Enable stock rotation
  • Allow access to individual timber packs
  • Save timber stored on the floor from moisture damage
  • Allow airing of timber
  • As a result, reduce stock waste

To protect your timber from the elements, we offer Timber Storage Racking fitted with canopies and rainwater goods.

Alternatively, a complete Rack Clad Building package,
a very cost-effective way of constructing a stand-alone storage building, could be built to give maximum protection to your stock from the environment. 

two cantilever racks for timber storage, both with canopies
large timber storage with cantilever racks, roof, rainwater goods and cladding
aisle at a warehouse with timber racking on both sides. Forklift truck going up the aisle
timber packs on a cantilever racking
large timber storage warehouse with cantilever racks


  • Single or double sided
  • Vertically adjustable locations
  • Uprights up to 10m high
  • Tyre guards
  • Head guards
  • Painted any colour, or hot-dipped galvanised finish for external applications
  • Canopies or Rack Clad Buildings could be added

All of our products are designed and manufactured in the UK and comply with current British and CE marking standards. We offer a full project management service, including installations. A certificate of conformity is provided for each completed Timber Storage Racking project.

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